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How to Choose a Retractable Screen Door

There are a lot of retractable screen doors on the market, but not many can stand up to our Mirage screen door standards. We always recommend that you compare similar door products so you can properly evaluate the retractable screen door product features. Every Mirage retractable screen door has been rigorously tested and is built for years of reliable service:

The retractable screen door guides (the plastic parts that guide the retractable screen open or closed) are manufactured from a durable, heavy duty space-age material and contains its own screen door lubricant. This long-lasting lubricant is what allows the retractable screen to slide with minimal effort and with minimal wear, providing years of reliable service.

The internal moving parts of the retractable screen door are treated with a unique lubricant that is resistant to a wide range of temperature changes and helps to ensure smooth operation while preventing corrosion and preventing annoying squeaks from developing.

The central shaft of the retractable screen door rotates in a silicon brass bushing allowing it to withstand literally hundreds of thousands of openings and closings without undue wear and tear of crucial parts.

Our Mirage retractable screen door products are routinely cycle tested up to a quarter million times! That equates to about 69 years of continuous use if you average using your retractable screen door 10 times per day, 365 days of the year. In other words, our retractable screen doors are designed for real world use. Mirage Screen Systems strives to make the best quality retractable screen door products possible.

We are proud to have developed a solid reputation for making retractable screen doors that have the longest trouble free life span on the market. And, our products are easy to install, easy to use, and packaged to compliment the décor of your home.

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Retractable Screen Door Mesh

Mirage offers a number of retractable screen door mesh options, which are made in the USA to our specifications by Phifer Incorporated:

  • Standard Insect Screen, which is a high quality standard mesh for virtually any door screen application. Available in Silver Grey and Charcoal.
  • For information on the flame resistance of Mirage mesh, please click here.

Please Note: The combinations of retractable screen door mesh fabric, fabric production lot, door unit size, screen location and subsequent wind conditions may cause variations in the fabric’s appearance and smoothness of extension and retraction of the retractable screen door.

Retractable Screen Door Sizes

Mirage Screen Systems is able to custom manufacture any retractable screen door product up to a maximum height of 108″ and a maximum width of 64″. Contact one of our authorized Mirage screen door dealers for assistance with quality installation or to inquire about additional retractable screen door details. We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions about our unique retractable screen door products.



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